May 23, 2017
BIBA 125th Meeting News Letter
Happy New Year

BIBA 125th: BIBA invitation to Business Gym Seminar

We would like to invite you as a BIBA guest to a Business Seminar by "Business Gym" onThursday 27th Jan 2011, 7.00 pm at Kabbalah Centre, 12 Stratford Place London W1C 1BB .

(Nearest underground Bond St.)

The Guest speaker is Lord Young of Graffham former Adviser to PM David Cameron .
The theme of the seminar is "The Secrets of Business Greatness".

BIBA Synopsis & Objective 2011
BIBA Synopsis for 2010 was that "the old models of doing things do not work anymore and we have to adopt new models for everything". We also discussed American inventiveness.

Teamwork and joint-ventures with other Business Associations is BIBA Synopsis for 2011.
Introducing BIBA members to a number of Business Associations and encouraging involvement for 2011.

  1. We start this process with "Business Gym" in 2011.
  2. "Business Gym" is the business network of Kabbalah Center, UK.
  3. As the Chairman of British Iranian Business Association, BIBA, one of my primary duties is to attend many business associations and seminars, for example Bank of England Inflation Report, and subsequently inform our affiliates and other interested people about our findings. One of these associations that I have been attending regularly since 2008 is "Business Gym".
  4. After three years of attending Business Gym, I would like to share my experience by cordially inviting you to the "Business Gym" seminar on 27th Jan 2011 as a BIBA guest.
  5. As a sceptic of "anything to do with religion", I was very reluctant at the beginning to attend the Business Gym meetings. However, to my amazement, I discovered that religion does not play into it, but they offer an alternative concept to Business dynamics. For example, everything can be measured in energy units rather than hard currency; therefore indicators such as productivity, usage, waste etc take a different form.
  6. Of course Business Gym is not the key to all our problems, but it is an alternative way of looking at events.
A block for BIBA guests has been allocated. As a BIBA guest we will be pay for your registration fee. Please reply as soon as possible to avoid disappointment.

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