April 29, 2017
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June 2003
Babak Emamian
Users Survey
1. What is your organization's primary business activity at this location?

Manufacturing and Process Industries (Noncomputer) (34) 2%
Online Retailer (38) 2%
Communications Carrier (38) 2%
Banking/Finance/Accounting (50) 3%
Insurance/Real Estate/Legal (54) 3%
Medical/Dental/Healthcare (60) 4%
Wholesale/Retail/Distribution (76) 5%
Construction/Architecture/Engineering (102) 7%
Transportation/Utilities (104) 7%
Education (108) 7%
Marketing/Advertising/Entertainment (122) 8%
Research/Development Lab (124) 8%
Business Services/Consultant (120) 8%
Computer Manufacturer (Hardware, software, peripherals) (126) 8%
Computer/Network Services/Consultant (126) 8%
Computer Related Retailer/Wholesaler/Distributor (120) 8%
Other (142) 9%

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