April 29, 2017
BBC's A Question of Genius
Dear BIBA members
Further to our email regarding BBC's "A Question of Genius",
we have now been contacted by the producers for a Channel 4 business program to find participants.
Please see email below for more details;

"I wondered if you would be able to contact your members about the series, in your capacity as host of BIBA.
I work for a TV production company named Gogglebox and we are currently making a series about business for Channel 4.
The series is going to feature Sir Gerry Robinson, the renowned trouble shooter and business tycoon, as he seeks to help businesses that are in difficulty.
Sir Gerry Robinson specialises in helping businesses, offering expert practical advice as well as substantial financial support to give them a new lease of life. Each programme in the series will see him working intensively with firms that could benefit from both his expertise and his investment.
I am very interested in reaching all kinds of businesses, from retail to manufacturing, importers to hospitality, but we are always open to diverse industries?
We are currently looking for businesses that need Gerry’s help and would particularly like to hear from privately owned businesses that have an annual turnover in the region of £500k to £20 million.
In the current economic climate we know that many businesses are looking for new strategies and input, and through contacting your organisation we are hoping to widen our net to ensure we find businesses that will really benefit from Gerry’s help, rather than simply looking for a quick fix.
Would you be able to email your members about the series or put something on your website?"

Please contact us if you feel this might be helpful to you.
Best Regards

Babak Emamian
BIBA Chairman

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