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November 03 Newsletter

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Monday, December 03, 2007
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BIBA’s Third Phase: 2003-2005
As BIBA enters its 10th year of operation, the need for a New direction emerges. The first phase of BIBA’s activities (1994-2001) was mainly about 'marketing & promotion'. The second phase (2001-2003) was dominated by 'Prospects for the Economy and Social Responsibilities'.

For the third phase (2003-2005) BIBA will concentrate on management issues. The UK economy offers ample opportunities for growth with its vast investment in education and professional infrastructure.
There is a general feeling that for BIBA members to gain the extra efficiency required for success, they should improve their management and marketing styles. Perhaps this could be considered a further sign of membership confidence and maturity.

Hence BIBA has organised a series of Q&A seminars on Effective Management, for 2003 beginning with its 110th business meeting which was on Thursday 30th October 2003 and is now followed by the next scheduled meeting of Thursday 27th November 2003. To see the PDF file of the latest newsletter by clicking here.
Effective Management (II)

BIBA is holding its 111th
Business Meeting on

Thursday, 27 November 2003

We request the pleasure of your company at the London Hilton, Park Lane.
The Meeting is the second of two forums on the introduction of

“Effective Management”

Thursday, 27 November 2003
Registration: 7.00 -7.15 p.m.
Meeting: 7.15 - 8.30
Reception: 8.30 -9.30

Talk Synopsis:

Strategically (Long Term) & Tactically (Short Term). Planning for the long and short term is mainly determined by the nature of the product or its industry. Each product has a different market Dynamic.

For example the time scale for 'product Introduction' of electronic goods is about one year as in the case of mobile phones, while in comparison the time scale for heavy-industry products like a car is about five to ten years. On the other hand a service industry product, for example accountancy, education or entertainment package has a totally different time scale to the above.

Each requires a different set of decision-making processes and managerial skills. The 111th Business Meeting’s panel of speakers from the fields of electronics, heavy-industry and service industry will share their views with us through a Q&A.
BIBA Website News

BIBA's website is constantly developing new tools to enhance community interaction. During the last few weeks, we have added number of modules listed below and we intend to add more whilst polishing the existing tools. We hope you use these tools and make the most out of them. We do need your participation and feedback in order to enhance them further.

Forum: - BIBN Forum is the start of an excellent place for you to exchange ideas and your tips for the other members of the community.
Job Board: - This module will allow members to post their jobs. BIBA’s increasingly large audience will view your CV.
Post your CV: - This service is an extension to the Job Board and will allow you to put up your CV and your expectations for your next employment.
Classified: - This new section will allow you to put up a picture of your product as well as a comprehensive description of what you are selling. Try it today.
Listings: - This section will be continuing and we encourage simple postings to go here.
Properties: - Advertise your property for sale or rent. There will be further enhancement to this section in the next few weeks, so please watch this space.
TV shows - Yup - the videos are up on the website and we apologise for being a little late but better late than never. Files for both broadband and traditional modem is available. Let us know if you experience any trouble watching them.