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November 03 Newsletter

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Monday, December 03, 2007
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BIBA’s 112th Business Meeting

BIBA has organised a Q&A seminar on Property Asset Management, asking leading business personalities to share their views with us. With the underperforming stock market due to the world sluggish economy, the main question is ‘What are the real opportunities for making money?’

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Property Asset Management

BIBA is holding its 112th
Business Meeting on

Friday, 30th April 2004
at the London Hilton.
The Meeting is dedicated to
Property Asset Management.
We request the pleasure of
your company.

BIBA's 112th Business Meeting
London Hilton Hotel
Park Lane, London W1

Friday, 30th April 2004
Registration: 7.00 -7.15 p.m.
Meeting: 7.15 - 8.30
Reception: 8.30 -9.30
Talk Synopsis: Property Asset Management

If the question asked, is “what is your most valuable personal asset?” Your reply would most probably be your property assets. Are we heading for a property crash or even more profits?

The Bank of England nowadays hardly talks about the exchange rate, inflation, unemployment, trade or budget deficit and instead focuses on the house price inflation. The nine-member Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) are these days primarily concerned with lowering the house price inflation through higher interest rates. However, the UK export, tourism and the manufacturing sectors are suffering, as the UK interest rates are much higher than its trading partners are.

Of course, we all love high house price inflation since it is money for nothing.

We live in times when everything is hype. We react to our economic and social issues on hype and elect politicians on hype. So, how can we best manage our assets? and BIBA on TV

BIBA is now broadcasting globally a series of TV programmes every Saturday Evening at 8.00 pm and Sunday Morning 8.00 am through ITV of California, USA. The TV programmes are dedicated to a better understanding of business issues and linking UK & US businesses.

For further information with regard to Satellite Connection, you may contact ITV Europe office on:
Tel: 02074875858 Fax: 0207224 0614
A summary of BIBA on TV series also has been published for those who wish to keep a record of all episodes. Also some of the episods can be watched on (