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December 2006 Newsletter

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Monday, December 03, 2007
December 2006 Newsletter
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Excerpts from Speeches at the Ball

Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei:
Definition of business

"It is important that we are representative of the community we represent"
Diversity is not a beauty contest, it is not about political correctness; it is Operational Imperative"
"Events like tonight are the key strategy for the future".

Glen Smyth of Police Benevolent Fund and Labour MP for Brentford and Isleworth, Ann Keen

From left to right; Mr and Mrs Hunter, Dr. Dolatshahi-Hawkes, Mr and Mrs Azagury
Special Norooz Message
Norooz Greetings from the Metropolitan Police and Commissioner Sir Ian Blair:
The Metropolitan Police would like to take this opportunity to wish the British-Iranian Community a Happy Norooz on the 21st March and to continue building closer ties into the future.

A Celebration of Life...Iranians have celebrated the festival of Norooz for more than 2600 years.

Working together for a safer London

Joining the Met:
If you are interested in pursuing a career with the Metropolitan Police Service Please Visit for more information
15 Years Of Promoting Success

Chairman: Babak Emamian

1st British-Iranian Police Ball, 2006

BIBA’s 1st British-Iranian Police Ball was held on Tuesday 5th December 2006 at Wellington Ballroom, London Hilton, Park Lane, London W1.

Following our 2004 successful seminar on Career Opportunities in the Metropolitan Police Service, BIBA is proud to support the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) in fostering closer ties with the British-Iranian & Persian-speaking community. The British-Iranian Police Ball served as another awareness and recruitment drive for MPS. We were honoured and privileged to have Sir Ronnie Flanagan, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary, and Simon Marshall, MPS, Director of Recruitment as speakers. During the event we provided a further opportunity to show our appreciation for the Metropolitan Police Service, by supporting the Police Benevolent Fund.

Working together for a safer London
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From left to right, Babak Emamian, Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei and Sergeant Allen Murphy.

Chairman Comment
Treating our friends from the Met like Celebrities
In an age where it seems that most of our celebrities are either from the Houses of Big Brother or the X Factor, we, at BIBA believe it is only right to occasionally treat key members of our society, such as the members of NHS, Education system & Police force as celebrities. Why? How this will help us? In our opinion there are three ways that treating these key members as celebrities will help society;

Firstly, it will help our value system. It will provide an opportunity to restructure our priorities and redefine and rediscover some of our lost values & heroes. We have no problem with our popular culture, but readjustment is always part of the evolutionary process.

And finally, there are the side benefits. For example it will help with recruitment and it will also bring to the forefront of thinking the idea of individual social responsibility towards our local police force. We would like to thank Chief Superintendent Ali Dizaei and Sergeant Allen Murphy for their help in making this event a success.

Babak Emamian

Inspectors Ahari and OfficerTaheri.
Excerpts from Speeches at the Ball
Sir Ronnie Flanagan, HM Chief Inspector of Constabulary:

"There are many communities in London, with different needs, demands and expectations...The Met needs to listen to these and work with the communities in a close partnership."

"Policing is human endeavour, …when we get things wrong, it is important to acknowledge them and learn from them."

"I would like to pay tribute to BIBA for all it has done for Met recruitment drive."

Top, from left to rigth, Inspector Ahari and Officers Forouzan and Taheri. Left, Commander Dave Johnson, Head of the Met’s Homicide. Below, from left to rigth,Ms. Fraser, American Embassy London, Mr. and Mrs. Hamidi, Kayhan newspaper London.
Excerpts from Speeches at the Ball

Simon Marshall, MPS, Director of Recruitment

"The Met is the biggest single employer in London; employing 50,000 people with a £3 billion operational budget"

"The goal is to have the best people working for the Met and to deliver the best for London"

"Talent management is my game in Human Resources"

"What is it that delivers quality service? Fantastic people. We recruit 30,000 police officers as well as captains of industry."

"We can not expect people to come to us, the market is too competitive; we have to go to them"

"Historically the Met has recruited from the forces (army, navy, air force), but now we are in competition with top recruiters, people like Price Waterhouse Coopers and HSBC; if I am not recruiting the best people then I am not doing my job properly. We need a collaborative partnershipfor recruitment with the likes of BIBA".

Top, Ladan and Babak Emamian; bottom left, Mr and Mrs Lazarus; rigth, Mrs Soleymani and Mr. Hamzelouie